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Missing Information on Sourcing from India?…

While searching for Low cost products from India, information related to Lead time, cost, duties and taxes will affect your final decision. In absence of such information in accuracy will impact your decision making process.

IndiComps provides you the consultancy services to Achieve your Procurement objectives as related to...

Cost Reduction

Supplier Selection

Supplier Quality

Supply Risk Management

You May put Resources for:

  • Frequent travel to suppliers
  • Identifying and contacting new suppliers
  • Exploring New suppliers thru references
  • Auditing & Evaluating suppliers
  • Landed Cost calculations including Duty, Taxes Etc.
  • Establishing Relationship with Suppliers


You Might Get:

  • Response only from Few suppliers
  • Delayed & Unsatisfied response
  • Loss of time to get new supplier on board
  • Total cost of component may not be economical as expected
  • Wastage of time and efforts in case of No Success

Indicomps provides the solution…

Team IndiComps can help you for end to end solution towards your issues related to supply chain & Product development through their services.

Functional experts from IndiComps works closely with your team to achieve your desired results in various areas of supply chain.


Large Supplier Database

Our SME database of suppliers contains capable suppliers not available on every Internet search

Global Supplier Management

Our experts with exposure of managing suppliers around the globe

Knowledge on Process

We understand manufacturing process & Control to ensure you get parts with controlled process

Understanding Culture

Our knowledge of suppliers in various parts of India helps us to understanding their culture and business transactions

Acumen with Tax & Duties

Our knowledge on taxes & duties for various countries helps to arrive at landing cost for the part

Quality Understanding

We engage with manufacturer’s on shop floor for Quality improvements

Export Capability

We can manage exports with suitable packaging and required documentation

3rd Eye View

We analyze your business issue from outsider eye to capture on gaps and support for solutions

Reviews with Customers

Our periodic reviews helps you to understand progress on the project and outcomes.

Resolve your issues related to supply chain

Indicomps will support with their various customized services to help you…