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Terms & Conditions of Sale

IndiComps is in the field of supply of electro-mechanical parts developed and sourced as per customer’s drawing or specification. Our supplies or services are completely dependent on the inputs by customer and expected outcome. We put or efforts to meet expectations from customer while delivering best of the results.

However, we would like to list down our terms & condition for the sale for better understanding & clarity.

  1. Customer shall place an order as per the unit price and other terms and conditions mentioned in the purchase order.
  2. Order placement shall be within validity period of the quotation. IndiComps is authorized to revise the quote as per market dynamic if any and customer is liable to amend the purchase order accordingly
  3. It is customer’s responsibility to provide us all necessary inputs with drawings or specification for submission of quotation. In case of any change in the inputs by customer, the quotation may have necessary changes in the price as well as other terms & conditions of the quotation.
  4. IndiComps is authorized to convert customer’s drawing or specification in their own format to ensure confidentiality of customer & it will be shared with supplier only for getting quotations and processing orders from the customer.
  5. Customer shall be responsible to ensure the release of the payments as per payment terms mentioned in the Quotation. IndiComps is authorized to charge the necessary interest on the delayed payments.
  6. In case of consultancy services or other services wherein supply of goods are not involved, customer is responsible to pay as per project plan agreed with milestones for deliverables and release of payments.
  7. In case of any tooling involved, customer is required to pay 60% in advance & 40% on sample approval. Development cost shall be paid by customer 100% in Advance. Such cost is non-refundable & non-returnable in any case.
  8. Tooling will be property of IndiComps and will remain with us for future production purpose. Customer specific toolings will be used for production only for that customer.
  9. Export shipments can be considered for Credit only against Letter of Credit (LC) which shall be irrevocable & at Sight.
  10. In case of partial shipment requested by customer, freight & Transportation cost shall be borne by customer as required.
  11. Customer shall inform us in advance about the necessary quality inspections to be performed by us before dispatching the parts.
  12. We shall review and send you revision in prices in case of any change in input raw material cost, exchange rates or any other cost considered during part costing.
  13. Warranty of the manufactured parts shall be limited to the defect associated with manufacturing process. In case of standard catalogue parts, warranty shall be as per manufacturer of the product.
  14. IndiComps takes no responsibility for the product recall or warranty or any other liability or loss to anyone (including third parties). Our liability is limited to replacement of defective parts in upcoming supplies.
  15. IndiComps will supply parts as per drawings/ specification or information inputs given by customer in writing. In case of any error in the inputs by customer which is resulting in wrong supply of parts then IndiComps will not be liable for any replacement of parts or deduction of payments.
  16. Customer shall provide the feedback in case of any issues related to supplied parts within 7 days from the date of receipt. IndiComps shall not be responsible for any issue reported after 7 days.
  17. In case of an event for deduction of payment for issues in supplies, the customer shall inform IndiComps in writing and only in case of claim agreed by IndiComps, necessary action for deduction shall be done by customer.
  18. IndiComps shall carry the inventory against customer orders as per terms and conditions agreed with customer. In case of discontinuation of the part or no movement in the inventory for 3 months, IndiComps is authorized to invoice the parts to customer and dispatch as per agreed shipment terms with customers.
  19. Customer shall inform us the cancellation of order in writing within 7 days of purchase order released. In case of any cancellation by customer beyond 7 days, customer shall compensate us in full for inventory as well as work in process carried for their order.
  20. Once the parts are ready as per customer order, IndiComps is authorized to dispatch the parts along with invoice to customer. Customer shall inform us in writing for any requirement of delaying the dispatch atleast 5 days in advance of the dispatch date & Delay shall not be more than 7 days from earlier dispatch date.
  21. It will be customer’s responsibility to nominate transporter or forwarder within 24 hrs to pick up the shipment from our premises once we provide the shipment documents.
  22. IndiComps will not be responsible for any documentation mistake made by transporter or forwarder nominated by customer. In such cases, if there is any charges or penalty to be paid to the authorities shall be borne by customer only.
  23. Customer is responsible to inform IndiComps about the complainces related to the business transactions.
  24. IndiComps puts the efforts to meet the delivery date for supplying quality products. In case of uncontrolled event, if delivery is delayed then IndiComps shall not be responsible for the delay.
  25. IndiComps shall not have any liability in case of any failure or delay due to factors beyond their control including shortage of raw material, components, act of God, war, national emergency, change in laws & regulations of country, industrial disputes or strikes, fire, flood etc.
  26. All sales and other business transactions with IndiComps shall be govered by the laws of India and jurisdicaiton of courts of Mumbai only.
  27. IndiComps is authorized review & make necessary change in the terms & conditions which will be uploaded on the website. Customer is responsible to review the same before placing orders to avoid any further disputes.