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Terms & Conditions of Purchase

  1. All material shall in every respect be in line with agreed description and specification as to quality of approved samples (if any) and shall be subject to prior inspection and approval of an authorized officer of “IndiComps”.

  2. Insurance of goods shall be covered by supplier up to factory destination of “IndiComps” unless specified and agreed in writing.

  3. All bills/ invoices should be submitted in original with one extra copy at the time of delivery of goods.

  4. All bills should contain necessary statutory declarations i.e., “IndiComps”NO, Item Code, GSTIN No and your HSN/SAC code.
  1. All invoices should bear the name and address of “IndiComps” Plant / Office where the material is to be delivered, failing which “IndiComps” shall have the right either to return material or recover the costs/damages that if any incur for such non-compliance.
  1. Each package of delivery shall have following:
  • Description of material
  • Purchase Order reference
  • Our Item Code
  • Gross Net & Tare Weight
  1. Inspection Report / Test report shall be provided by supplier with every delivery.
  1. Supplier shall ensure proper and adequate packaging of material to avoid any transit damage.

  2. All material supplied by supplier against “IndiComps” purchase order shall be RoHS compliant.
  1. “IndiComps” reserves the right to cancel this Purchase Order or any part thereof if delivery is not made as per the schedule mentioned in the Purchase Order. In such case “IndiComps” reserves the right to buy material in open market and recover loss or damages if any that it any suffer from Supplier due to price difference.

  2. Supplier shall strictly deliver quantity of goods as specified in purchase order. “IndiComps” shall not make payment of any excess quantity delivered. Any short supply of quantity shall be dealt in accordance with clause No.7.
  1. Supplier shall not make any changes in Raw material or manufacturing process for the parts supplied to “IndiComps”. In case of any necessary change, supplier shall provide prior information and written approval to be taken from “IndiComps”.
  1. “IndiComps” does not accept any responsibility for goods supplied other than as per Purchase Order with approved status.
  1. Validity of the purchase order is for the financial year or up to the delivery date mentioned on official purchase order issued during the financial year whichever is later. “IndiComps” is not liable to pay for any material delivered after the validity period.
  1. Material rejected for any reason in terms of this Purchase Order will remain at “IndiComps” premises at Supplier’s risk and cost. The Supplier will have to remove the rejected material.
  • If supplied locally, within 15 days of intimation and / or receipt of the rejection.
  • If supplied from outstation, within 30 days of giving intimation to supplier.
  1. In case of no response from supplier within above period, “IndiComps” shall have right to dispose such material and shall not be responsible to return such material thereafter. “IndiComps” reserves the right to recover from the Supplier an amount equivalent to the additional cost incurred in replacing the rejected material from other sources.
  1. Warranty for the goods supplied against the purchase order shall be as per the warranty provided by manufacturer or 24 months (whichever is maximum) from the date of receipt at “IndiComps” factory destination.
  1. Suppler shall not be entitled to increase the price for any reason during the validity of the Purchase Order.
  1. The authorized representative of “IndiComps” shall be allowed by the Supplier, to inspect the material ordered any stage of manufacturing for ensuring quality, specification etc.
  1. “IndiComps” may inspect the material or parts at supplier’s premises before dispatch as per purchase order condition. The same material or part may also get inspected at “IndiComps” premises after receipt.
  1. All blue prints, positives, negatives drawings, designs, prototypes, blocks, process etc. entrusted to Supplier or made by the Supplier against the specific order/s shall be the property of “IndiComps” and shall be returned to “IndiComps” on demand. Same shall not be disclosed to any other person/ party without prior permission of “IndiComps” in writing.
  1. “IndiComps” reserves the right at any time to make changes in drawing to specifications of the material covered by this Purchase Order after giving prior notice to the Supplier.
  1. “IndiComps” reserves the right to cancel this Purchase Order or any part thereof if stoppage at “IndiComps” Plant / Office occurs due to fire, strike, lockout, and force majeure or from any other cause beyond the control of “IndiComps”.
  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, weight declared by weigh-bridges nominated by “IndiComps” or weights and measurements taken at “IndiComps” premises shall ascertain the quantity of material received.
  1. The supplier should acknowledge the receipt of purchase order in writing.
  1. In the event of any dispute arising out of this Purchase Order the competent Courts in Mumbai shall have the jurisdiction.
  1. One Invoice should have only one Purchase order no. “IndiComps” will not receive any material supplied against invoice having multiple Purchase order nos.
  1. Supplier should mention the batch no/Lot no./Mfg. date code /Identification no to provide adequate traceability of the supplier with the manufacturing process at the supplier end wherever applicable